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Using TurboTax 2013 Software
Filing taxes is a responsibility that all American wage earners share. While most people file their taxes by April 15 each year, others choose to file an extension, which gives them six more months to file their taxes.  If you have filed an extension with the IRS and still need to file your taxes, it would be a good idea to use TurboTax 2013 to help prepare and file your return.
One of the main advantages of using TurboTax 2013 when you prepare your tax return is that it is current with all of the current tax laws.  While the tax law may seem very consistent from one year to the next, there are always some changes that occur.  These changes can have a dramatic impact on tax rates as well as deductions and credits that you may qualify for.  By using the current software, you … Read the restThe post Using TurboTax 2013 Software appeared first on 2013 Taxes.

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