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TaxAct : Pros and ConsTaxACT is now hitting the big time with the promise to file tax free for everyone. This online tax preparation service helps you prepare, print and eFile your federal return for free. You can file prior-year federal and state returns back to 2000 with the help of this service.State returns are not expensive. For additional assistance including prior-year import ability or free phone support, you need to pay for your federal return. This tax preparation service has kept on its edge on the competition by making tax time less troublesome for all taxpayers.TaxAct provides 3 editions-A free federal editionAn Ultimate Bundle for $17.95A Deluxe edition for $9.95For the free and Deluxe versions, you have to pay an additional fee for state filing, whereas the Ultimate version includes one federal and one state filing. Further, you can avail CD and … Read the restThe post TaxAct : Pros and Cons appeared first on 2014 Taxes.

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