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English: Cadets of the Air Force Academy Class of 2003 celebrate at graduation ceremonies on May 28, 2003 as the Air Force Thunderbirds fly overhead. The 974 students marked the academy’s 45th graduating class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Graduating from college is a wonderful achievement, and you may have spent an appreciable amount of money to make it happen.
Ironically, graduation may tie you to your school even more, and the interaction may last for years to come.
Money Concerns of College Alumni
College is beneficial for the student and the school. The learning institution provides opportunities for your future success, and your successful endeavors after graduation serve as a testament to the school.
Newsflash: Your success is gauged by your income!
Your healthy income is a tangible way for your college to verify their skill in preparing students for their future success.
Many graduates give back to their schools when … Read the rest about Filing Taxes
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