On What Day Will I Be Able To File My Taxes For 2014? | Tax Stories of the Jacksonsville Princess
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The IRS has set the date to open up their filing season, for year 2014, on January 31st. They encourage all taxpayers to take advantage of Free File, e-file, or TurboTax 2014, to get the quickest refunds of their 2014 taxes.
This opening date for filing tax returns for 2013 will give the IRS enough time to properly program and test their updated tax processing systems. There were substantial delays in their system back in October, immediately after they experienced that 16-day government shutdown.
The Acting Commissioner for the IRS, Mr. Danny Werfel, encouraged taxpayers with this statement, … Read more at 2009 Tax.The post On What Day Will I Be Able To File My Taxes For 2014? appeared first on 2009 Tax to 2014 Tax.

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