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How to maintain security when filing taxes electronically
Millions of U.S. taxpayers have used electronic software applications like to e-file their taxes, many doing so from the home desktops. Roughly six percent more consumers are using this method of submitting tax forms, than the numbers who did so in 2012.
Though e-filing is convenient and easy, it can create a risk to the taxpayer, with the filing of fraudulent tax forms and and identity theft. These undetected thieves were able to get away with over three and a half billion dollars in 2011, according to the Inspector General.
The following tips for protecting your information and identity are offered by experts in internet security
Don’t assume all emails genuinely originated from the Internal Revenue Service!
One method of committing fraud is to send an email to the taxpayer, pretending to be the IRS. This form of gaining … Read the rest about Filing Taxes
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