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A new Way for Taxpayers to Track Charitable Donations
Organize, Value, and Track Your Donations with TaxACT
TaxACT is a proven leader regarding affordable tax solutions, and their donation tracking gives consumers another way to maximize their savings at tax time. This free app is available for IOS and Android, and taxpayers can track their cash and non-cash donations throughout the year.
Current Internal Revenue Service data shows that at least one in four income tax filers deduct non-cash and cash charitable donations on their federal tax returns.
The Donation Assistant tracks and organizes donation information automatically, and this is why it is so helpful. Consumers can view detailed summaries from their mobile devices whenever they prefer.
The TaxACT app reduces audit risk as it reports accurate amounts for activities such as thrift store donations. The app gives a fair market value for over one thousand routinely donated items … Read the rest
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