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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has earmarked January 20 as the start of the tax filing period.

Yesterday, the IRS stated that taxpayers can begin filing their taxes 2014 from January 20. The tax filing period will begin on schedule, in spite of a late tax rule introduced by Congress and approved by President Obama, according to the agency.
Previously this month, a bill was passed by Congress that extended over fifty tax breaks, which had expired this time last year. This new rule prolongs the tax breaks to the finish of the year, permitting taxpayers to use them while filing their returns for 2014. President Obama approved the bill on December 19.

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During past years, late rules introduced by Congress have held up tax filing periods. Not on this occasion though, said John Koskinen — the IRS Commissioner.
In an interview, Koskinen stated that the … Read the rest
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