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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has earmarked January 20 as the start of the tax filing period.Yesterday, the IRS stated that taxpayers can begin filing their taxes 2014 from January 20. The tax filing period will begin on schedule, in spite of a late tax rule introduced by Congress and approved by President Obama, according to the agency.Previously this month, a bill was passed by Congress th
Know the Impact of Bankruptcy on Your TaxesThe term bankruptcy is considered as a legal status of an individual or company that happens to be unable to repay their incurred debts from their creditors. In most cases, bankruptcy is being imposed by the court orders. It is usually initiated by the debtor. However, sometimes the weight of the issue is given to the debtor from the creditors.The IRS pu
Filing Free 2012 Taxes Online: What You Need To KnowAre you interested in filing free 2012 taxes online? If so, you should know that TurboTax 2013 is the very best way to do it. This program makes it easier than ever to figure out your taxes so that you will not have to pay to go to an expensive CPA. Do you want to take home more of your return this year? Do not give it to someone to do work that
TaxAct- What You Need to KnowWithout a doubt the American tax system is one of the complicated systems and very difficult to understand. Most Americans think that few wealthy people and exceptional groups take most of the advantage of tools at their disposals to avoid taxes. Consequently, there was a proposal to bring in the Fair Tax Plan.The TaxAct Plan is one of the systems that gained a lot of

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