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Brett Doubikin, a 43 year-old Morrow County contractor, received a phone message informing him that the IRS was investigating him. Fear made him return the call while he tried to remember if he missed something when he filed his taxes.What Doubikin later realized is that the call was part of a sophisticated phone scam involving fake IRS employees who present fraudulent claims in order to get mone
Top Tax Scams To Avoid With Turbo Tax 2013Using Turbo Tax 2013 is a good way to avoid tax scams in the first place, seeing as how you can e-file your paperwork with confidence that it will go directly to the IRS. However, there are people who will try to catch you in a scam this year, so you need to know what to watch out for. You should use to gather information about filing you
As an old Chinese proverb goes, “the journey of a thousand miles starts by a single step” What does this Chinese proverb mean? That today is the best day to start saving for your retirement if you have not started doing so already. Unfortunately, saving for retirement has always been a very sore subject for most people all over the world, but it is a true fact that married couples need to treat

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